Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Hey All!

I can't sleep...again...even though I have a great over-the-counter sleeping pill called Sleep Assure. I have 4 concerts in the next three weeks through school, hence the "I can't sleep even though I am medicated" problem. 17 days left of school with students! I can do it!!!


*After much research, I just launched an e-mail campaign for oboe students. J'ADORE my current online oboe students and and cannot wait to teach more young oboists!

*I was called to be an early childhood teacher at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Duluth, MN. I accepted the call. I have gained many experiences at Willow River teaching band and choir, but I am following God's call and trust that he has more musical plans for me in the future for serving him! Soli Deo Gloria!

*Justin and I have "bulked" all winter (aka eat a ton of food and lift heavy weights to gain muscle...and fat...). The day after Easter, we began "cutting" (dieting by balancing our macros, eating fewer calories, lifting, and doing more cardio, to maintain the muscle, but shed the fat). This is showing results, but is emotionally exhausting. It is amazing how the body adjusts to a new diet, but it is so hard to deal with cravings! Those stuffed crust pizza commercials tempt me beyond belief.

*I am planning on doing a "coming-out" recital in Duluth at the end of the summer. Potential repertoire includes a Telemann flute sonata, Berio Sequenza VII (motivation!!), and selections from Silvestrini etudes. I need to find a good balance of repertoire from different periods, but show my contemporary playing chops. There are so many amazing pieces to play! I hope to use this as an audition of sorts for the musical powers that be in Duluth.

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