Friday, November 14, 2014

Upcoming Events!

Hey All!

I have not posted in FOREVER. Life has been an absolutely insane whirlwind of work and activities. I have had some good oboe things happen though. I sold 2 oboe reeds and 2 English horn reeds, I have a new Skype oboe student, and I had the opportunity to sub 2nd oboe/English horn for two rehearsals of Carmen for the DSSO. However, I have even more exciting news! I am subbing for the principal oboe position at the DSSO (Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra) for their December 5th concert! Yay! I am very excited.

Here are some of my upcoming events:

November 22, 2014- Mesabi Symphony Orchestra. 7:00 at Chisholm HS
November 22, 2014- Mesabi Symphony Orchestra. 2:30 at Virginia HS
December 5, 2014- Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. 7:00 at DECC in Duluth, MN

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  1. Congratulations! We will be thinking of you even from NC, especially on the last concert as we remember Granny Scheid (her birthday). Go get um Alana!