Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weight Swap? Soon to announce cool stuff as well.

Hey All!

It has been a while. I have thought about you random readers every day for the past month. I have a post that I will happily publish on July 9th to (hopefully) share some great news!

Otherwise, what has this oboe been up to?

Weight swap!

I started working with a personal trainer (from here-on-out, will be known as Greg) to help me make some body goals I have had since the onset of puberty. What are these goals?

1. Rid myself of the love handles. I don't love them, so they have to go.
2. Thighs, thighs, thighs.

I have been running, biking, doing other exercise stuff for years. I only find myself "skinny enough", but actually haven't accomplished these goals for real, when I am super hungry all the time and drop down to 125 lbs or less. I'm 5'7". I don't like being hungry.

In training, I learned that if I'm below 130 lbs, I am too light for **my body type**. I learned that fat burns much faster from weight lifting than cardio exercise. I learned that I am meant to be between 135-140 lbs when in great shape.

My new goal that began in April was to lose 13 lbs of body fat and REPLACE it with 13 lbs of muscle.

Thanks to Greg, I have a training session with him once a week, and then he created three other weight-lifting workouts that I need to complete before coming in the next week.

Workout 1- Chest and Back
Workout 2- Arms and Shoulders
Workout 3- Legs and Core

I am beginning month 4 of personal training. I signed a contract for 1 year of personal training. What am I noticing?

My arms are getting STRONG. My tummy and thighs are slowly, but surely losing the fat. I can see muscles underneath my frosting!

I feel much more confident about my body now that I'm training. I like feeling strong. It is empowering to be able to do pull-ups, faster and longer running sessions, funky sit-ups, and free weights! I feel more beautiful because, even if I never make the elusive goal of looking like a swim-suit model, I know that I am working hard to help my body become more healthy and strong. It'll help me with bearing children sometime in the future, which will also help me bear healthier children because I am in shape. It helps with my oboe playing. It will help with blood pressure, cholesterol levels, resting heart rate, and basic stress management. If I need to, I'll be strong enough to lift a car (with adrenaline help) off children.

Someday, maybe I'll post my underwear shots that I take each month to track my improvement. Right now, it's not so obvious to me, but Justin notices a big difference.

Oh! July goal: NO ALCOHOL. This will hopefully help cut some of my %body fat for Florida come August.

In oboe world, I have some gigs coming up. Check out my website for more details.

July 5- Duets with Clarinetist Patty Smith at Marketplace Foods in Rice Lake, WI.
July 22-25- WELS Worship Conference in Kenosha, WI.
August 3- Orchestra Concert in Brainerd, MN at 3 pm.
August 11- Oboe Recital at a nursing home in Pine City, MN at 1 pm.

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