Monday, April 28, 2014

An oboe wandered into a band room...

Hey All!

I have been very busy. I started a long-term sub job on March 31 for the entire fourth quarter as a 5-8 grade band teacher. I applied for it because I wanted to make money doing something music related and I happened to have my teaching license in it (and it was in a school I was already subbing for), not because I had a big passion for teaching band.

Guess what. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!

Something feels just absolutely wonderful about teaching kids music. The job needs energy, creativity, skill, and care. I get to teach 3 band classes, and a gazillion lessons each day. It is ridiculously fulfilling for me.

I'm currently applying for band director jobs. The difficult thing about this field is that there are a ton of applicants for every position and most schools want to hire somebody with experience. But, this long-term sub job is giving me real* teaching experience outside of student teaching. If I can't get a job for next fall, I will stock up on as many long-term teaching band jobs as I can until I am deemed worthy enough by somebody. I love this, I am good at this, and I will do this!

Now wait a few months while I fill out more applications and take more interviews. Had one last week, one this week. Hopefully more interviews will come (or I will land a job)!