Thursday, December 12, 2013

I think I wandered to the North Pole

Hey All!

I moved from Montreal to Hinckley, MN! Last Thursday in Montreal was warm--in the upper 30s (fahrenheit)! I flew back to Minneapolis on Saturday and came home to -20 F. This week, it got down to -45 with the wind chill at night. Oh, and before this massive freeze, Minnesota got blasted with snow. I came home to freezing temps, dry air, and tons of ice.

But now it is fun! We are out of the cold spell. It hit 9 degrees today around noon, so I went skate skiing. I haven't done that since undergrad, so I'm quite out of shape, but it was still awesome. The Willard Munger Trail that we biked on in the summer becomes a hot spot for snowmobiles in the winter. The tracks make perfect conditions for skate skiing.

Pretty, right?

I also have been updating my website, especially in the Events menu. I have a few recitals lined up for January. I hope to get even more lined up. I have been doing a lot of e-mailing and making phone calls the past few days. I also finished my application for my Minnesota teaching license so I can sub to make money for oboe traveling, house, and babies.

I need one of my brothers to get a deer! They have gotten nothing yet! We are running out a venison and I have just started cooking it in ways that taste so good. Does anybody reading this blog want to share some of your Bambi with us?

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