Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blogs I Currently Enjoy

Hey All!

I love following blogs. I believe this annoys Justin a bit. That's fine, because his video games annoy me ;) We are all different! Here is a list of blogs I am currently enjoying and a little explanation as to why.

1. Ann Althouse

Ann Althouse is a law professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I started following her almost three years ago, when she was covering the Governor Walker/Teacher's Union craziness. I like how she has the ability to analyze politics fairly and doesn't mind not staying with a party line. She is always questioning what is happening and encourages intelligent discussion.

2. Penelope Trunk

Penelope is well known for giving fantastic out-of-the box career advice. She has founded several companies, is a career coach, and has a diverse working background. She also has a homeschool blog. What is appealing about her is that she links every opinion to a recent study from a prominent university or lab. She has a talent for statistics. She also shares everything about her life; her childhood of sexual abuse, her divorce, abortions, marital abuse, dates, good times, bad times, etc. Nothing is off-limits, and it is refreshing.

3. Mama Natural

Justin hates this one! I like it because it is a video blog of a crunchy Chicago mama. She is currently in the final weeks of her second pregnancy, which she has been posting about every week. She also posts on topics such as organic food, exercise, potty training, homemade make-up, etc. Her personality is bubbly and contagious!

4. Lem's Learning Levity

This blog is made up of my favorite commenters from Ann Althouse's blog. This previous July, she heavily moderated the comments, which made me, and many of readers upset. Blogs are often about the comments! My favorite commenters banded together and made their own blog full of free discussion.

5. Things Wot I Made Then Ate

This blogger, ChipAhoy, makes wonderful and beautiful food from scratch and takes pictures of it. He also has a dazzling wit.

6. Very Bloggy

Beth is from my hometown in Wisconsin. She now lives in California with her husband. She is a professional writer and blogs about her stay-at-home, crunchy-liberal mommy adventures. She is very honest about her struggles and successes. I like this because she takes other women's "perfect lives" and shows how these things may or may not work for others.

7. Kent's Bike Blog

Kent blogs about his travels on his bike. He also shares tips about safe biking. His scooter has also been known to make quite a few appearances as well!

8. All Season's Cyclist

This guy reviews so many bike products! He is a hardcore bike techie and is out to educate the world about proper biking and maintenance. He is currently doing a series on winter biking. I am loving it!

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  1. I wonder why blog-following would annoy your husband so much? :P It doesn't seem like a loud and distracting pastime (unlike video games, which in his defense are awesome and should be played loudly and all the time). :D