Saturday, September 14, 2013

Runny Eggs

Hey All!

I like my eggs over-easy.  I love the yolk all runny so I can use my bread, potatoes, or whatever else is there to sop it up.  I think the yolk tastes glorious when it is hot, but not done.

I just made myself a deviled egg.  It was delicious.  When I cracked open the egg I boiled this morning, I noticed the yolk wasn't quite done to what a perfect hard boil egg yolk should be. Whatever.  I made it and it was glorious.  And it reminded me of my mom.

One Easter when I was young, probably between 11 and 13, my parents had recently gotten a brand new stove.  As per tradition of our church, we had an Eastern breakfast that families brought food to share.  My mom volunteered to make some hot dish and colorful Easter eggs for around the table.  One woman opened up a hardboiled egg, which my mom believed to be hers, and bit into it and said in an annoying tone, "Ewww!  The yolk isn't all the way cooked!"  You know what?!  It doesn't matter.  The internal temperature when the egg was cooked was probably hot enough to kill all of the germs, and then it was refrigerated, so, it was fine.  And I probably liked the taste way better.  I didn't notice anything wrong.  The point was, this woman somehow wanted to be superior to somebody else by putting on a putzy show.

My mom went home and cried.  She went on about how she wasn't good enough as a wife, mother, church woman because she didn't have the eggs properly done.  Well, she had gotten a new stove, which probably had different temperatures than she was used to. I didn't get it though.  I thought the eggs were fine. I am sure I ate a ton of them.

The funny thing is, I find I care how other people think of me as much as Mom does. I do go home and cry and I do fret over being the "perfect wife" (even though, I am an awful wife for being away from my husband for three months to finish school...harhar...the people who criticize that don't take into consideration how many couples do distance over the course of their marriage). From what I gather, this critical woman's daughters have grown up to be as judgmental and prissy as that comment she made.

I like runny eggs.  I think that developed because I will never forget how upset that egg comment made my mom. I thought her eggs were perfect. So anyone who wants to criticize them--please shut your mouth and fix your own eggs.

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