Friday, August 30, 2013

Back in Montreal

Hey All!

I am back in Montreal, and have been since Sunday. I arrived back to the same room (but this time with a double bed!!!) and immediately got to work.  I've been doing work for my professor in assisting her with her tenure application.  So. Much. Editing.  It's fun though.  I've also been practicing and taking lessons.

I have a chamber music group in the workings now.  All I can say thus far is it is religious, it is a trio, it will be professional, and it will be so much fun!  It will be based in the Northwestern Wisconsin area.

I am so excited for life!!!  It is all so much fun :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Random Thoughts

Hey All!

My husband has been having some forehead acne issues, nothing gross, but he was puzzled by the phenomenon.  I told him he needs to start washing his face and got out a travel size men's facewash from my brother for him to use.  His responded by staring at it and then asked, "So, I just put it on my face and let it dry?"  He did not know how to wash his face.  He said nobody ever taught him.  I once had to teach my brother Adam how to wash his face.  I wrote out a long list of instructions I taped in the bathroom cupboard.  He then faithfully followed them.  Is this a male thing?  Do they not teach boys how to wash their faces in youth magazines?  I remember reading all about it in American Girl, Girl's Life, and Brio.  This is disturbing.

I'm working on making a real website for myself.  But I'm being lazy because it takes work to learn a new thing.  Ugh.  Please encourage me to finish it.

Hinckley has super cheap haircuts.  I got my hair cut for $12 plus tip today.  If I want a manicure, it is $15.  I will definitely treat myself to one every-so-often.

When people die, they do not turn into angels.  Angels and humans are separate beings.  Angels are just souls without the ability to choose anything outside of God's will.  Humans have a body and a soul, have the ability to choose to reject God, and if they believe in Jesus as their Savior from sin, they will go to heaven as a perfect soul and be reunited with their bodies on the last day.

I leave for Montreal on August 25.  I am very ready to be done with school.

In oboe news:  I will be playing oboe with the Mesabi Symphony in Virginia, MN and English horn with the Heartland Symphony in Brainerd, MN.  Yay!