Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wedding Thoughts 4 Weeks Later

Hey All!

Well, Justin and I have been married for four weeks today! Yippee!  Being married is pretty great and I will recommend it to anybody.  I like having the security from the life-time commitment.  I do struggle with feeling like I am failing as a wife at times.  I've set up rules for how to be a good wife in my head, but I can't quite keep up, so I end up feeling like a bad wife.  There are less requirements on how to be a good girlfriend!

I am a bit surprised.  Mom keeps receiving compliments from many people about our wedding.  I honestly thought more people wouldn't like it due to one particular person in our lives who liked to complain about everything we were doing.  It turned out that everybody but that one person had fun!

I had the advantage of having played piano, organ, and oboe for many weddings.  I knew what I liked and hated in weddings.  Here are some of my words of advice for wedding planning:

~Know yourself and your style.
~Know your budget and stick to it.
~Know your time constraint and delegate, or, just have your mom do everything!
~Know what wedding industry crap you want to toss out and know that IT IS OKAY TO DO THAT!
~Be considerate of your guests' time.
~Know who your guests are.  We did this.  It makes sense.
~Make very specific time tables with the age group of your guests in mind.
~Have somebody watch your 19-year-old brother at the bar closely.
~Keep the marriage the focus of the day.  People who cling to their wedding day for years tend to be a bit miserable.
~Send thank yous out as fast as you can.
~If you are Christian, actually focus on Christ in the service.  If you don't bother with Christ in a church ceremony, have it in a court house, or have a non-religious ceremony.

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