Monday, June 3, 2013

The Wedding (for folks who like to read this stuff!)

Hey All!

I am a married woman.  w00t, w00t!  I will go through the wedding day with photos people have gotten on various cameras (none professional yet) for you all.

We went to church on Sunday, May 26, and then Mom, Debbie, Lisa and I got our hair done.  Then Mom, Lisa and I ate some subs.  Then we went to church, did our make-up, and got dressed.  Coolio.

Then I got to walk down the aisle.  Lisa was my one bridesmaid.  I couldn't have a better bridesmaid.
We had a lovely, 40-45 minute service, complete with the normal readings, four hymns (one sung by the lovely Emily Metzger).  The pianist was Dr. Kayme Henkel.

Then we had some pictures.  Here are some family shots.

We did lots of pictures, which I organized from largest groups to smallest groups so the family members could go to the reception.

Wasn't Justin absolutely handsome?!  I felt so honored that he wanted to marry me, and that now I am his wife.  I couldn't have a kinder husband :D

Our reception was at Quillen's Big Bear in Mikana, WI.  The kids loved the bears, from what my cousin Jamieson's pictures show.
My dad gave an entertaining, but long speech.
Justin and I played a duet of songs I transcribed for oboe and tuba during dinner.
We danced to a jazz combo.

 No tears!  We are happy, happy, happy!
Me and Dad.

Justin and his mom.
 My mom and dad can swing!
 Lisa is feeding the bears.
 We finished the night with one last slow dance.

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