Sunday, June 23, 2013

Starting Out

Hey All!

I'm working on starting out as a professional oboist in an area where I have not gone to school.  I met with cellist and conductor, Josh Aerie on Friday to play for him and to ask questions about music in the area.  He set me up with some new contacts and gave me some amazing suggestions for how to get started in the Duluth performing and teaching scene.  I am super excited.

However, I need to make myself a real website.  Any suggestions, loyal blog readers?  How do I go about building a website?  I suppose I can google it, but tips from experienced website builders may be helpful :)

Husband and I met with the Pastor and his wife of the church in Duluth.  They are beautiful people, inside and out.  The church and mission are simply amazing.  And they have an AWESOME ORGAN!  I'm sold on joining this church, even if it is a little over an hour away.  The closest WELS church to us is 45 minutes away, so what's another 20 minutes?!

Over and out! ~A

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