Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Honeymoon, Part 1

Hey All!

Here are some pictures from our honeymoon in Florida.

This is the view from the place we are staying.

Here is a picture of a wonderful plate of coconut shrimp with a sweet potato.  The seafood is wonderful.  I have been enjoying seafood, but I have to be careful still with my digestive system :(  I have been doing quite a number of vegetarian-only days because of this.

We went to the Kennedy Space Center.  It was interesting and a bit propaganda-y.  They had presentations on only the successful and flashy missions.

This is mission pad A.  The two tanish roads with the grass strip between is the path of the rocket carrier that moves one mile per hour.  They need to pave it with special rocks from Arkansas (we think...) that don't crush easily under the weight of the carrier.

This is part of a Saturn V rocket that attaches to the Apollo spacecraft.

We've been eating a lot, drinking lots of fun wine, taking many walks, and lounging on the beach and by the pool.  It's been a fun honeymoon :)

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