Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Town Checklist

Hey All!

I KNOW!  I need to take pictures and put them on here!  Ahhh!  I will soon.

We have been busy doing all sorts of things one does when moving to a new town.
~I've been slowly, but surely, setting up house, and practicing.
~Justin's been working.
~Set up our joint bank accounts.
~Got our library cards.
~Went on an area tour from one of Justin's co-workers.
~Walked the entire town.
~Meeting the neighbors.

I hope all of your summers are going splendidly!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wedding Thoughts 4 Weeks Later

Hey All!

Well, Justin and I have been married for four weeks today! Yippee!  Being married is pretty great and I will recommend it to anybody.  I like having the security from the life-time commitment.  I do struggle with feeling like I am failing as a wife at times.  I've set up rules for how to be a good wife in my head, but I can't quite keep up, so I end up feeling like a bad wife.  There are less requirements on how to be a good girlfriend!

I am a bit surprised.  Mom keeps receiving compliments from many people about our wedding.  I honestly thought more people wouldn't like it due to one particular person in our lives who liked to complain about everything we were doing.  It turned out that everybody but that one person had fun!

I had the advantage of having played piano, organ, and oboe for many weddings.  I knew what I liked and hated in weddings.  Here are some of my words of advice for wedding planning:

~Know yourself and your style.
~Know your budget and stick to it.
~Know your time constraint and delegate, or, just have your mom do everything!
~Know what wedding industry crap you want to toss out and know that IT IS OKAY TO DO THAT!
~Be considerate of your guests' time.
~Know who your guests are.  We did this.  It makes sense.
~Make very specific time tables with the age group of your guests in mind.
~Have somebody watch your 19-year-old brother at the bar closely.
~Keep the marriage the focus of the day.  People who cling to their wedding day for years tend to be a bit miserable.
~Send thank yous out as fast as you can.
~If you are Christian, actually focus on Christ in the service.  If you don't bother with Christ in a church ceremony, have it in a court house, or have a non-religious ceremony.

Starting Out

Hey All!

I'm working on starting out as a professional oboist in an area where I have not gone to school.  I met with cellist and conductor, Josh Aerie on Friday to play for him and to ask questions about music in the area.  He set me up with some new contacts and gave me some amazing suggestions for how to get started in the Duluth performing and teaching scene.  I am super excited.

However, I need to make myself a real website.  Any suggestions, loyal blog readers?  How do I go about building a website?  I suppose I can google it, but tips from experienced website builders may be helpful :)

Husband and I met with the Pastor and his wife of the church in Duluth.  They are beautiful people, inside and out.  The church and mission are simply amazing.  And they have an AWESOME ORGAN!  I'm sold on joining this church, even if it is a little over an hour away.  The closest WELS church to us is 45 minutes away, so what's another 20 minutes?!

Over and out! ~A

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Honeymoon, Part 2

Hey All!

We are getting settled in our new home in Minnesota now. It is much cooler than Florida, but I like it better here :)  There is a fantastic bike trail that Justin and I rode yesterday evening.  I will take pictures and share them with you all later.

I shall continue showing pictures from the honeymoon!
 This is from our last supper on the honeymoon.  We at a fantastic little restaurant on 5th Avenue in Naples called Citrus.  It was amazing.  The food was phenomenal and the service was even better.  We were second customers when we sat down, but shortly after, we were the only customers and our waiter gave us amazing amounts of attention.  He even gave me two free glasses of wine because it was our honeymoon!  Justin is drinking an oatmeal stout and I'm drinking some Spanish beer.  Please forgive me for not remembering their names.
 Below is a crab ravioli that we had as our appetizer.
 This is Justin's snapper.  He gobbled it right down!
 I can't remember the name of my fish.  It was described to be like swordfish and it started with a K...With it came a sauce and veggie medley of spinach, tomatoes, and capers.  Very good.
 For dessert we ate a creme brulee (pardon my lack of accents) trio that were lemon, lime, and orange.  Wow!  So good and I hurt so bad after all that fantastic food.
 Earlier in the week we went to Collier-Seminole State Park for some Everglades hiking.  It was buggy and beautiful.  I enjoyed my hike.  Justin wanted to be lazy, but I forced him to have fun!

 We were in panther territory.  However, we did not see one, nor did we have to fight one.
 This is a giant grasshopper, as you can see from the comparison with my shoe.  It was quite tall as well.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Honeymoon, Part 1

Hey All!

Here are some pictures from our honeymoon in Florida.

This is the view from the place we are staying.

Here is a picture of a wonderful plate of coconut shrimp with a sweet potato.  The seafood is wonderful.  I have been enjoying seafood, but I have to be careful still with my digestive system :(  I have been doing quite a number of vegetarian-only days because of this.

We went to the Kennedy Space Center.  It was interesting and a bit propaganda-y.  They had presentations on only the successful and flashy missions.

This is mission pad A.  The two tanish roads with the grass strip between is the path of the rocket carrier that moves one mile per hour.  They need to pave it with special rocks from Arkansas (we think...) that don't crush easily under the weight of the carrier.

This is part of a Saturn V rocket that attaches to the Apollo spacecraft.

We've been eating a lot, drinking lots of fun wine, taking many walks, and lounging on the beach and by the pool.  It's been a fun honeymoon :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Wedding (for folks who like to read this stuff!)

Hey All!

I am a married woman.  w00t, w00t!  I will go through the wedding day with photos people have gotten on various cameras (none professional yet) for you all.

We went to church on Sunday, May 26, and then Mom, Debbie, Lisa and I got our hair done.  Then Mom, Lisa and I ate some subs.  Then we went to church, did our make-up, and got dressed.  Coolio.

Then I got to walk down the aisle.  Lisa was my one bridesmaid.  I couldn't have a better bridesmaid.
We had a lovely, 40-45 minute service, complete with the normal readings, four hymns (one sung by the lovely Emily Metzger).  The pianist was Dr. Kayme Henkel.

Then we had some pictures.  Here are some family shots.

We did lots of pictures, which I organized from largest groups to smallest groups so the family members could go to the reception.

Wasn't Justin absolutely handsome?!  I felt so honored that he wanted to marry me, and that now I am his wife.  I couldn't have a kinder husband :D

Our reception was at Quillen's Big Bear in Mikana, WI.  The kids loved the bears, from what my cousin Jamieson's pictures show.
My dad gave an entertaining, but long speech.
Justin and I played a duet of songs I transcribed for oboe and tuba during dinner.
We danced to a jazz combo.

 No tears!  We are happy, happy, happy!
Me and Dad.

Justin and his mom.
 My mom and dad can swing!
 Lisa is feeding the bears.
 We finished the night with one last slow dance.