Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mud, Moving, and Marriage

Hi All!

If you follow this blog, you may have noticed that I get a bit lazy when I am out of Montreal at updating this blog.  I will summarize some exciting things from my life.

First of all, my recital went awesome!  I am pleased to announce that I got an A!  I had a lovely week before the recital because Justin came up.  We spent a lot of time in my backyard enjoying the amazing sunshine.  It was in the upper 70s and mid 80s (for you C people, 25-28ish).  We walked to school everyday, which gave us 4 miles of walking everyday.  The day we went to Alicia's for dinner upped the mileage to 10 miles of walking.  That sure works out different muscles.
About 14 hours after my recital ended, we packed up most of my things and drove from Montreal to Ohio.  I will be living as a minimalist next semester as I finish up my last few credits.

In Ohio, we rented a U-Haul, and moved Justin, who is now a Master of Tuba from BGSU, to my dad's farm shed in Northern Wisconsin.  It took us twelve hours to do that drive: him in the U-Haul and me in his car.

In Rice Lake, we have been running random errands.  I got contacts again and have a clean bill of health on my teeth.  We are finishing up the tiny odds and ends of wedding planning.  This is a pretty chill affair.  Today we printed off the wedding bulletins at church on some printing paper we bought at Office Max.  Friday, our parents will meet each other for the very first time.

Last Friday, Justin and I visited the school he will be working at this fall.  He will also be teaching summer school from mid-June to mid-July.  That is a very exciting bonus!  Tomorrow we will go and see our new apartment that will begin on June 1.

I did a bike race!  Due to the snowstorms at the beginning of May up here, the 25 mile single-track course was reduced down to 20.5 miles of fire roads.  It was an extremely muddy race, but I am happy with my time of 1:51.
Sunday, I shall wed Justin.  I will put some pictures and details of that joyous event up here sometime in the future.  On Monday, we will honeymoon at his parents' condo in Naples, FL.  I am quite excited for the warmth and time to just chillax with my Boy.

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