Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Winter Biking Recap

It is looking like winter biking is finally over.  I thought it was over after Easter.  We were hit with another snowstorm on Friday.  Here is a picture from my practice room:
It was a lovely 50 degrees yesterday.  I was able to bike without mittens.  Hip-hip hooray!  I'm starting to think that winter biking is safer than warm-weather biking.  There were so many bikers following their own rules, tons of pedestrians walking into the bike lanes without looking, and cars were trying to just make it through the pedestrians when doing right and left turns.  It is easier when everybody is underground.

These are my top three memories from biking this winter:
1.  Being driven off Rue Parc in February by a car anxious to get a parking spot.
2.  Tearing up my knee after crashing full-speed down a hill.
3.  (Nearly) freezing my toes off.

I guess summer will be nice!  Do I want to winter bike again?  Well, I won't have to do it much again in Montreal unless we get an early winter next semester.  I don't think I'll be biking to get the groceries in Finlayson, MN.  I'll try to keep it up.  It isn't much different from cross-country skiing or other winter activities.  I still have to be physical in the cold, with equipment.  It kept me on my toes, strengthened my core, and allowed me to get enough sunshine to keep up my vitamin D.  The cold was a major challenge.  It is hard to appropriately dress for exercising in general, but especially when dealing with temperatures that will freeze the skin.  When it got too cold, I couldn't warm-up at all and it would hurt to breathe.  I move much faster when the temperature is about freezing.

The elements took a toll on my bike.  My gears are stuck on what it is on.  The entire bike could use a good power wash.  I had to tighten the front brake cable to make them work again.

I am very much looking forward to summer.

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