Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our "real" life will begin soon!

Justin has a job for this upcoming school year!  He will be teaching in Finlayson, MN.  Here is where it is on a map:

Notice how there is very little civilization?  Also notice how the picture included for Finlayson is a water tower?  Also notice the relationship to Rice Lake :)

From searching the internet, the most information I could get about the town is from Wikipedia.  Google maps also has a great feature where I can type in "restaurants near Finlayson, MN" and it will point out all sorts of different restaurants.  We will be a distance away from fast food (good) but there aren't many apartments.  I called a realtor to ask if they also rent places, in which I found out that one of the realtors at that office personally rents houses.  Now we know there is a place to start.  I haven't heard back from this man yet, but I won't know if he will have anything available, or if he allows cats, until I speak with him.

Any advice on finding a rental in the middle of nowhere?  We don't want to look into buying until we know we like that area and Justin likes the job.  I'm imagining that we will find a place, but I'm nervous for if we don't.  The closest biggish town with apartment buildings is Pine City, which is a half hour drive from Justin's job.  That isn't ideal, but we will do it if we must!  And, it won't affect me September-December.

I like school, but I am excited for having our own place and real jobs.  Hopefully I can find oboe work in either Duluth, Minneapolis, or both!  I hope we find a church we like.  We will have to drive a bit to go to a WELS church, but I don't think that is a bad thing when we will probably be living near little civilization.  Please feel free to share your new area/new marriage/new church/new home stories!

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