Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snow Spring

Montreal's spring was greeted by more winter.  Anywho, here are some pictures from the big downpour yesterday:
 This is the snow outside of school.
This is Queen Victoria.

I needed to bike from Contemporary Music Ensemble rehearsal (concert April 5th!), which ended at 6:25, four miles to church, which began at 7, to play organ for church this evening.  Thankfully, most of the roads were plowed this morning and the 30-32 F weather helped make the pavement show.
I had to bike up that, but the temperature and the wind were nice to me.  See the bus on the left?  It is a double decker.  These are terrifying to bike beside in slushy gunk.  I thought I might have given up my solid bones for Lent.  My guardian angel protected me though!

Then I got to church and played on this lovely thing (sarcasm).
For some reason, Pastor was not patient with me and just started singing the Psalm when he didn't want to wait for me to get the Psalm up on the organ.  Whatever.  I joined in and created a melody to whatever he was singing.  Have some respect for the biking organist!

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