Thursday, February 21, 2013

Carnaval de Quebec

Last weekend Alicia and I went to Quebec City to the Carnaval de Quebec with the McGill Graduate Student Society.  It was tres bien!  It was, however, a very cold day, but we braved it!  We rode school buses from Montreal to Quebec, which was a bumpy and chilly 3 hours, but considering we paid $25 for transportation and our ticket into the Carnaval, we were happy with whatever transportation they provided!

We arrived around 1 pm and left at 7:30 pm.  We did some things at the Carnaval like take a shot of liquor out of an ice glass, go down the ice slide, tour the ice castle, and look at ice sculptures, but we had more fun wandering the Old Fort in Quebec.  In the city, we had lunch at a fantastic fondue and crepes restaurant, where we chose to do a dinner combo which included soup, a meal crepe, a dessert crepe (with maple creme!), and tea.  It was quite tasty.  We saw the river, the old buildings, wandered some shops, and I had some maple taffy.  The maple taffy was neat and delicious.  It is warm, highly concentrated maple syrup, which is poured onto snow, and the eater takes a wooden popsicle stick and rolls the sugar up, creating a taffy-like substance.  It was so, so, so sugary, but great!  To be honest, the amount of sugar I ate between Friday night and Saturday took a full five days to get out of my system for my digestive system to work normally.  But how can one go to Quebec and NOT eat any maple syrup?

Here are some photos from the day:
 This is a view of the bottom portion of the city at sunset.
 The Saint-Laurent river from the Old Fort.
 Amarula and Caribou in ice shot glasses.
 The ice castle.
 The Old Fort is part of the Canadian National Parks system.
This is an ice sculpture featured at the festival.  It reminds me of Crazy Horse.

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