Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brake Pads and Weird But Delicious Recipe

Today I went down to the bike shop near my house in Montreal and bought two sets of brake pads for my bike.  This is much over due.  I keep crashing my bike, sometimes due to a**hole car drivers (like on Sunday), but sometimes due to my brake pads being 30 years old and dead.  From my initial test, my bike seems to be doing MUCH better in the stopage department.  My back brake system is kinda funky, but that screw is a bit rusted to adjust the wire system.  I'll take it to Cody sometime when I'm home.  Here is the picture of a set of new pads and a set of old pads:
I think you can see how my old brakes weren't quite cutting it.

I also was very hungry after a long and early morning at school. Using the food I had, I made a stuffing/egg dish-like concoction.
Here is a list of what's in here:
~Rye bread chunks
~1 egg
~1 cup of vegetable broth
~2 tbsp coconut
~1/2 cup craisins
~1/4 cup sunflower seeds
~1/4 tsp salt
~1/4 tsp pepper
~1 cup broccoli
(bake on 425 F for 25 minutes)
~sprinkle some buckwheat berries on top!

Weird, right?  Very good though.

Have a great day!

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