Friday, February 1, 2013

A general discussion of graduate school

Grad school is not special anymore.  It has become the place people usually go because school is comfortable.  Why not live off of government loans a few more years and pretend it is your money and then complain that you have so much money to pay back and the government owes you an education?  I have met so many people who don't have any good reason to be doing their graduate degree and often do not know what he/she wants to do with his/her life after grad school.

Willis didn't go to grad school.  He just sleeps.  And barfs.

Anywho.  Graduate school is very much a status.  I know in music, undergrads just think about grad school.  Teachers have to eventually earn enough credits to have a masters degree, even if it is a general masters degree with no specialization, just to sound more legit.  If you want to get a grad degree for whatever, there will be a school that will accept you, because the university system is self-feeding.

Then, why am I in graduate school?  First of all, I wasn't a good enough oboist to make it as a freelancer with just my undergrad degree.  Yes, I did turn down an Army contract to play oboe in one of their bands, but that was a very difficult decision to make.  I did make the correct decision.  Secondly, I was affected by the ominous "graduate school" that people get excited about.  Everything turned out alright though; my professor is amazing and has helped me grow in the most positive ways as a person and an oboist.  I can play oboe without pain now.  Reed making is not scary at all.  I can play in tune on most days ;).  I honed my writing skills and can research skillfully.  I can approach music and learn it in an efficient and honorable fashion.  I possess the skills to uproot my life at a moment's notice.  I have had the opportunity to study in a different country and culture.

Will I apply for the next trendy step of a doctorate?  Maybe someday if I want, after I birth some babies, but not in the near future.  This is because my ideal career does not need a doctorate.  I can learn by buying books on Amazon, which is much cheaper than school.  Also, if I would ever desire a university job, it would be better to have kids before I would apply, so having kids before doing a doctorate (as crazy as that seems) would allow me to start a family young, and not have baby-having interfere with a tenure-track position.  Win-win.  Especially since Justin says he supports that if it would ever happen.  I change my mind so much that he has to be aware of any potential changes to my current way of thinking.

Willis is too lazy to attempt a doctorate.

Dearest readers: Did you go to graduate school?  What were your motives?  Was it worth it?

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