Saturday, January 19, 2013

Super Cold Biking

Winter biking isn't bad, but only if properly dressed.  Earlier this week, it was in the upper 20s and most of the snow had melted, which was perfect weather for my winter jacket, hat, mittens, jeans, thick socks, and normal shoes.  Well, I didn't check the weather as I was rushing to school on Thursday.  It was COLD.  When I got home, I was jumping up and down because I was freezing.  The temperature read 5 degrees, feels like -6.  I was not dressed appropriately.  Here is a picture of my toes after 15 minutes of walking around next to the heater.
My right toe had looked like the left one, but the left one took a lot longer to thaw out.

The next day was colder, but I wore long underwear, a neck warmer, and winter boots.  Much better.

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