Monday, January 7, 2013

Biking in a winter wonderland

I began snow biking on Saturday, January 5.  We have a good three feet of snow in Montreal.  Commuting has its challenges including slush, hidden ice, hard ice chunks, over-heating, and less room on the road.

Zip ties did not work well.  They may have added a little bit of traction, but all but 2 broke off today while riding.

I depend on less-used back roads that are still used enough to have tire marks down to the pavement to bike on.  When I don't have that option, I bike on sidewalks or walk my bike.

I suit up in snow boots, wind pants, winter jacket, manly leather mittens, hat, ski goggles, and my helmet.

In non-snow conditions, it takes 20-25 minutes to bike to school.  Now it takes 35.

It is also much harder to bike through snow, however, I still enjoy it!  Part of the difficulty stems from Christmas cookies and having a month off from biking.

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