Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter Biking Accessories!

I have officially decided to continue to commute by bike throughout the 2012-2013 Montreal winter.  Most people have told me that I'm crazy.  Ha!  I did a bit of easy googling and found a bunch of blogs by people who bike during the winter in snowy climates.

I did not consider doing this until I was at school last Wednesday and it started snowing...a lot.  I had biked to school, so I needed to bike home.  On my way home on the quite icy streets, I wiped out.  I then knew that I wanted to do winter biking.  The wipe out didn't hurt.  I knew it was coming because there was no way I was going to be able to have any traction on the ice.  I was going very, very slow and I fell.  I felt so young again!  (Like when I snowboarded all the time before it could "hurt my career".)

I took the metro the next two days while reading up on winter biking safety.  I found it funny that all winter bikers say to not dress too much because you sweat while biking and it is bad to sweat too much in the cold.  People who are non-bikers keep saying, "Aren't you going to freeze?  You should wear more clothes!"  Ha!

I also learned that the best snow bikes are hard tail mountain bikes with low tire pressure, but I will have to make due with my road bike.  I found this great way to make homemade snow tires!  The icy roads have melted since Saturday, so I won't do that until after break, but I'm pretty pumped.  I also learned that I should be able to put my feet on the ground immediately.  That wouldn't work with my 30-year-old stir-up pedals.  I also needed to bite the bullet and get some good biking lights.  For the extreme cold, I will need a pair of snowboarding goggles (Adam said mine are long gone...argh...) and a biking face mask.

This weekend, I did some minor shopping and bought my bike some new pedals and bike lights!  Here are some pictures and the product reviews:
This is the "before" picture of my bike.  Notice the rusty pedals.
My new, super awesome pedals!
 I got Bike Attitude pedals ($30 CAD).  I really like them.  They grip well to my shoes, so I can push with the ball of my foot without slipping. They supposedly don't rust.  I will review that come spring time :)
 I got these Frog Strobe lights by KNOG ($32 CAD).  They are made of silicone and are weather resistant and should last 80 hours.  What is super nice is that they fit anywhere on the bike.  They stretch around and hook, and stay in place.  They have 3 blinking functions and a steady light function. I have a red and a white light.
 On the bike.
 Off the bike.  Easy to quickly take off and put in my locker at school.
And since it is the winter and I don't want to make my bike all rusty again, like I did a few years ago, I not only carry my bike up the steep outside stairs, but these inside stairs as well.  Every day.  Dad better be proud.

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