Saturday, November 24, 2012


Thanksgiving in Canada was in October.  I began my American celebration of Thanksgiving with school.  Boo-hiss!  Thankfully (har har har), class was finished by 12:30.  I went home and practiced, and then feasted with the Bolts!

My friend from church, Alicia, is from Colorado and is doing her post-docs at McGill in oncology and toxicology.  Crazy stuff!  Her mom, dad, brother, and sister, who all had the week off, flew up to Montreal to bring Thanksgiving to her.  Alicia invited me and her friend Lou to join in the dinner with them!

It was very nice.  There was a beef roast, mashed potatoes, beans and carrots, squash, bread, prosciutto wrapped around basil and melon, cranberry walnut pie, and pumpkin pie.  I had previously decided to "un-vegetarian" myself for that one meal, as to not impose on my lovely hosts.  I had a bit of everything.  I don't crave meat anymore.  I had a bit of the beef, but not much.  It didn't satisfy me in the way meat used to.  It is also interesting to note the vegetables the typical meat-and-potatoes family uses.  There are few varieties of vegetables used, and they are often done in a boring and quite tasteless way.  If anybody is curious about being vegetarian, I recommend spending some time with a vegetarian and vegan and let him or her cook for you!  It will introduce you to a new taste palate, which, you will learn to crave.

For example, my lunch on Thursday was quinoa with some sautéed mushrooms and green pepper, mixed all together with tabouli (a parsley, onion, tomato, bulgar middle-eastern combo--so good!).  That combo always gives me a huge nutrition rush.  Quinoa is a grain that is a source of complete protein.  It is important to have a mix of of colors in vegetables to get an easy variety of nutrients. Dark greens often have a huge kick of iron and essential vitamins.  I sometimes get falafel and put it on top of this mix.

Even though Thanksgiving is complete, here is a video on property rights and the pilgrims.  This is something our brainwashing schools never taught us....

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