Saturday, November 3, 2012

Montreal Metro

Once-in-a-while I take the metro to school.  I really am not liking it.  It is efficient and was cool at first, but really, it is filled with icky germs, is extremely hot, and quite crowded.  I feel like a factory farmed cow when I am on it.

I get on the orange line at Beaubien, transfer to the Green line at Berry-UQUAM and get off at McGill.  I do the opposite to get home.

The time tables are super fast during peak hours, and still fairly fast (a train every 6 minutes or so) during off hours.

I have been biking to school in the rain and cold this week.  I prefer that to taking the metro.  Grandma Hazel's words keep echoing in my head, "Wear a hat!  You lose heat through your ears!"  So, I follow her advice and wear a headband or hat underneath my helmet.  I also have a plethora of mittens and gloves to choose from depending on the weather.

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