Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Engagement

Hello All!

I have been M.I.A. for about two weeks now...oops!  I have some neat blog entries planned out about the metro, oboe, and my future.

As many of you may know, my wonderful Boy, Justin, proposed to me while he was visiting me in Montreal this weekend!  My cousin Emma has requested the proposal story.

Justin will not get his ring until May 26, 2013.

Friday, October 5 was my 25th birthday.  It happened to coincide with BGSU's fall break, so Justin planned to visit Thursday-Sunday.  On my birthday, he reserved a fancy restaurant and told me to dress up nice, and not complain about how expensive it is, and to let him pay for meal.  He would not tell me where we were eating.

We took the metro down as far as we could, and then grabbed a taxi to the restaurant.  It ended up being an adorable restaurant in Old Montreal called Barroco.  They had reserved a little table in the corner by the gas fireplace and the stone wall so we could have privacy.

We started with cocktails and a salad called "Autumn Harvest".  It was so flavorful!  It included beets, walnuts, goat cheese, endive, sprouts, clover, and other veggies that I can't remember.  We also had a basket of sourdough bread.  My entree was the special, which was veal brisket with a spinach, mushroom, and veal lasagne, all covered with a pureed carrot sauce and fresh parmesan.  So amazing!  The flavors were outstanding.

When we were done eating, he handed me my birthday card.

Inside was a romantic letter about how life has been wonderful since we've been together and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me at all times.

Then, he took out the ring box, and said, "Will you...?"  Both he and I started crying as I said yes and he put the ring on my finger.  Later, when we told the story to my brother Adam, Adam gave Justin a long lecture about how he was supposed to get down on one knee because, "My sister is a LADY."  Regardless of Adam's opinion of the proposal process, what Justin did was perfect.  We didn't draw attention to ourselves by being private.  It was us.

After, we got a lava cake dessert with raspberry sorbet.  The restaurant gave us each a glass of complimentary wine to congratulate us.

I was not surprised.  We had been talking for a few months about wanting to get married.  Once we learned that I would graduate December 2013, we decided we wanted to get married in May 2013, so we can have all summer together.  The end goal for us has been marriage.  We just "knew" after dating for a short time.  We would prefer to be married sooner rather than later.  He is so supportive of my oboe career.  Our communication is very open and we are both willing to compromise when we need.  It's so much easier and fun to handle life with Justin.  I can't imagine the rest of it without him.

Anywho...we decided on May once I was in Montreal.  He had been planning on asking my dad for a while, but my parents weren't answering the phone because his cell phone number was coming up as "unlisted".  I told mom mid-September that we were wanting to get married in May.  She was so supportive and was expecting me to say something like that.  Justin hadn't gotten hold of Dad yet, but Mom wanted Dad to talk to Justin first and she didn't want to keep the news from him, so as we were on skype, I e-mailed Justin forcing him to call Dad then.  Mom and I ganged up on him.  It was pretty great.  Dad was thrilled and Justin found that my dad isn't THAT scary!

We communicated with my parents and Justin's dad to find a wedding date.  I called Pastor to get his blessing to marry us on our chosen date.  He was very happy and supportive.  Then Justin proposed.  We could have gone from relationship to marriage without the proposal, but, we like the "official" status of the proposal.

We used my Grandma Hazel's ring.  It is gorgeous, meaningful to me, and economical for both of us.  We had it sized in August.  We also picked out our wedding rings in August, put them on layaway, and are paying them off when we get a cash gig.  The Chicago Bears have paid for $90 of the rings!  Justin's dad doesn't sell the Bears tickets he doesn't use, so Justin has been selling them to people when he has an extra ticket at a game.  The money he makes off of them goes toward our rings :)

Have a great week!  Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Alana, we are all happy for you. You already have all the important stuff planned. Details (except for music) of the wedding are less important than lots of brides think.

    1. Thanks, Aunt Hilde! We agree so much with your statement. Jim has been telling us that a short engagement is a good choice and that he and Kayme are really glad they did that. It is nice to have such encouragement from family!