Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Room

Now that I have lived in Montreal for two weeks, my room is still a mess, so I'll just post photos of how I actually live.  I have a small room that is connected to another bedroom, only separated by a curtain.  Another girl who lives at the house, Elizabeth, should be graduating in December, and she's going to leave, so I can probably take her room.  It would have a window and a bigger bed.  No desk, so I will think about it.

I really miss my apartment in BG.  It was nice living alone, having my huge bed and a separate space to do everything.  I miss the dishwasher, garbage disposal, stainless steel sink, a newer building, but if I would have that all here, I would be paying at least double than now.  It is nice to have roommates.  Last night, we all drank vermouth and sprite together.  I like that I have to bike everywhere.  Soon, I will have a post specifically about commuting via bicycle.

Lucy has taken to sleeping under my chair when I work at my desk.  I think my room is appealing because of all the random strings hanging from my chair.  I catch her playing with them all the time.

In sad news land, Max died on Wednesday.  I don't think it will hit me until I am back at home again and he won't be there to snuggle.  However, Smokey is now free to sleep next to whomever he wants!

In my next posts:  commuting and musicing.

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