Sunday, September 16, 2012

My dream life...

The last few years, I have been formulating in my head how I want to live once school is done.  I have a major dilema; my desired career and desired lifestyle do not work together.

An oboe performance career generally revolves around living in a big city, getting a fancy orchestra job, freelancing, and teaching a bazillion rich kids.

My ideal lifestyle would to live in a little cabin in the middle of the Northwoods, away from most civilization.  I want to grow my own garden and learn how to hunt (need to get over this vegetarian thing I have been loving the last three weeks though) to provide most of my food.

I like the peacefulness of nature, providing for myself, and being out of the drama in a large community.  In the past year, I have been influenced by conservationist ideals and the extremities of libertarianism.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to be let alone and fend for myself?  The best place to do this would be in isolation.

Well, how could I use my oboe?  I could still teach, if students would want to study with me.  However, I definitely see a need for chamber music in the Northwoods.  If there are opportunities for people in small communities to see professional classical music very nearby, they tend to jump at the opportunity.  If I am not hell-bent on making my whole life my career, then, why not do something that people would enjoy, even if I made little to no money doing it?

In church this morning, I was reminded that someday I will be old and frail and on my deathbed.  Then, it won't matter what I have done with my life, it'll matter how I served the Lord.  I can keep life from getting in the way by enjoying God's creation, taking time to be quiet, working the earth, and making music with the talents he has given me.

Now, this may all be a dream, but it is a good dream.  A dream I hope to fulfill.

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