Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Long-distance relationships

As you all may know, I am in a long-distance relationship.  I thought it would be hard.  And so far, it has been a good thing.

I do not know how my relationship would be now if my professor would never have been offered her job at McGill.  Boy and I had been seeing each other since January and really liked each other.  We had dropped the "L" word a few weeks before I got the call that my life could be changing real quickly.

I was very nervous at first because Boy was not enthusiastic about me doing the AWSO because we would be apart for six weeks and he had had bad long-distance experiences in the past.  Well, I went to Rice Lake for four weeks before I did AWSO.  We agreed that we really liked each other and wanted to make it work.  Being away from each other, but still close enough to visit, caused us to open up way more than we would have otherwise.  We have had plenty of tears, some bitter words, and deep discussions.  Ultimately, this improved our communication and brought us closer together.

Boy moved me to Montreal.  This was a wonderful experience, but it was so, so, so hard to say good-bye.  Skype has made it much easier to communicate at a distance than we thought was possible.  We treat gmail like text messaging.  And he is going to visit me in two weeks!  Yay!

He's been my rock in the many ups and downs I have had in Montreal.  Many people my age have warned me that long-distance is difficult.  I have had a failed relationship of my own, partly due to long-distance.  The real difference is that I do not have doubts about Boy.  He is the real deal and I don't have any desire to replace him or be alone again.  Since being with him, I have been a better person.  He supports me for who I am, even during the ugly times.

Distance is annoying, but I am who I should and want to be with.  That makes it easy.