Sunday, September 23, 2012

Biking in Montreal

I took many pictures while biking home from school tonight so that YOU can experience the scenic 3.5 mile journey through Montreal.

This is my bike at school.  Just chillin'.

This is Queen Victoria.  She watches over us while we practice.

The music buildings are in the cool big-building area of Montreal.


We get our own bike lights.  Cute, huh?

This is actually a really long incline.  It is really fun to whizz down while riding to school.  The ride up is not so fun.  But, it has toned my thighs in only a matter of a few weeks.

There is the incline sign.

This is Montreal's mountain.

This is a small part of Mt Royal Park.  It is gorgeous to bike through.

I bike past a football field and tennis courts.

This is a very common building style in Montreal.  The townhouses are three stories. The stairs to the second floor are always outside the building and the stairs to the third floor from the second floor are inside the building.

Front view of such a building.

I love passing this restaurant.

Our own traffic lanes :)

These bike kiosks are all over the city.  It costs $5 a day to rent a bike.  If you come and visit me, we can bike all over!

When I get home, I carry my bike up to the second floor balcony and lock it there.

I carry it up these steps.  Yeah, very steep.  I will have an awesome right bicep soon.

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