Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Montreal: My new temporary home

I have officially been in Montreal for half a week.  Here is an overview of my place.  Pictures will come.

~3ish miles from school
~eastern part of Montreal (which is really north, but they have kooky directions)
~third floor flat of a three floor town house.  These are very common.
~Front and back deck
~My own room, but it is part of larger room divided by a giant curtain.
~Fully furnished!
~No garbage disposal
~Have to hold the shower head yourself
~Meal worms!!!!!!!!  At least I know how to handle them from when I lived on Spaight Street.
~Nobody has complained about me practicing oboe yet.
~My neighborhood speaks French and English only if you ask.
~My neighborhood is only a few blocks from Montreal's "Petite Italie".
~There is a wonderful farmer's market/organic food stores that is open all week during business hours 3 blocks from my place.
~I have 3 roommates, but I have only met one
      *Tanya is from Ukraine
      *Margherita is from Canada
      *Elizabeth is from Mexico
      *We have the majority of the North American continent represented!
~BGSU sent my transcripts without proof of withdrawing, which I just learned today they don't put on a transcript, but McGill needs it, so an official letter is being sent by BGSU. Why do things have to be so complicated!  I could have arranged this in July if 1)  I would have known BGSU doesn't put records of withdrawing on transcripts or 2) If McGill would have told me that the transcript didn't have the information they wanted when they received it a month ago!
~I heard the health care is horrible here.   Major months of waiting for a simple appointment.  ER visits have waits up to 24 hours.  Internationals have it worse than Canadians.

That is the overview.  Pictures soon!

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  1. Wishing you all the best. Wish we could visit you! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.