Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tour Ends Early

Hello all.

The tour is ending after our concert in Monessen, PA on Sunday evening.  This is what we were told by Boudreau's messenger yesterday.  The truth is, since he seems to be refusing to pay us for this week and we have only received half of the money, the tour for us ended 1.5 weeks ago.  Hmmmm....

Something fishy is going on...
~he was upfront about everything on the tour until one week ago, now he avoids people
~his numbers he tell us aren't consistent, nor are consistent with numbers given by people in the cities we have played at
~he claims to not have enough money to hold us to contract (which he would owe everybody $250), but after doing some simple digging online, his assets are valued between 1 and 5 million dollars.
~he files as an educational non-profit, and I have found some tax documents from years past online, but he is currently not filed in any PA non-profit database.

I did know the risk of having the tour cancelled when I received the contract, so I knew there was a chance I wouldn't make the 1,500 promised.  I don't have a ton of money, and I definitely could have had a back-up job plan if I knew I wouldn't be doing this until August 4th, but I won't die without it.  Some people were relying on the money and are stuck at their parents's homes until student loans kick in.

There is a theory that Boudreau is doing creative accounting to support his many musical and artistic commissioning endeavors.  I am curious and will see what I can find on it.  I don't think anyone is going to see the $250.  I do think the matter should be looked into.  The stories of years past are starting to unearth.  Some professors knew of the strangeness, but yet didn't say anything about everything they heard.  Why is this?

The other question is: should I leave once the boat gets here on Thursday and I can get my bags, or should I stick it out until after the concert on Sunday?  I have no job, no home, and I am living off of others.  I really, really sound pathetic.

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