Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More West Virginia

AWSO had another concert on Tuesday, July 10. It was last minute and hosted by a town about 25 minutes away from Ravenswood.  This rocked because they fed us lunch and supper both on Monday and Tuesday.  West Virginia is quite hospitable.  We rehearsed in Ripley’s High School auditorium and performed a different program than on Friday evening.  The program was shorter because our director wanted it to stop around an hour.  We played two lovely new pieces (to us): Adagio by Rodrigo and an arrangement of a Vivaldi piccolo concerto for piccolo and small chamber group.  The Vivaldi had a strange band which consisted of flute, alto flute, bass flute, oboe, English horn, Heckelphone, 3 bassoons, contrabassoon, and trumpet.  It worked and was orchestrated well.

This morning (Wednesday), we drove to New Martinsville, WV.  This time, we only had a two hour drive.  We are playing in the Lincoln Theater.  It’s an old theater with class.  You may be wondering what happened to the boat.  Well, it is stuck in the river because it is being towed and many of the locks are broken down.  The Marine Corps run the locks and weren’t allotted enough money to maintain them throughout the years.  If the boat arrives to Pittsburgh in time (within the next week), we should be good to continue on the tour, but in the meantime, we have to hope that towns want to hear us, not just see an old boat.

Ron Paul could fix this.  Honestly.  He would take military money out of foreign wars and into rebuilding our infrastructure.  Political rant done.

(Midnight)-  Our concert is done!  It went extremely well and the place was packed.  Our program was similar to last night.  We were in a cute little/cramped theater, but it had charm.  My host family is wonderful.  We have already had some great conversations.  I’m off to bed!  My quintet plays in the morning.  I will try to record it on my computer so you can all see a video J.

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