Saturday, July 14, 2012

Meet the Fantastic Four

We are the Fantastic Four Woodwind Quintet!  Why is it four, and not five, you may ask?  Our group was randomly assigned when we came to the AWSO.  On the small ensembles sheet, we were listed as Group 4.  We love quintet and get along well.  We have designated ourselves as Fantastic Four!

I play oboe, but you should meet the other members.

Mallory Phillips is a flutist and piccolist from San Antonio, TX.  She attends graduate school at Oklahoma City University and frequents the professional orchestra world with her piccolo.

Chester Howard is a clarinetist from LA.  He received his BM from Eastman and is working on his MM at SUNY Stony Brook.  He plays a mean bass clarinet as well!

Our hornist, Jessica Young hails from Amarillo, TX and is working on her undergrad at University of North Texas.  She has crazy stories of UNT's band recording sessions.

Adam Drake plays the bassoon!  He is from Satellite Beach, FL and is working on his BM from Florida State University.  He also is working on degrees in accounting and finance.  He is one smart cookie!

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