Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Sunday night was our boat performance.  It was nicely attended and the breeze at dusk made the heat a little more bearable.  I had a wonderful time performing with all the musicians.  We all share a camaraderie based on the perplexing beat patterns given to us by our seasoned director.  We again apologize to Camp Counselor Mike for giving an inconclusive ending to his brilliant trombone concerto.  But honestly, where was beat four?  Really?!

We performed the "Scherzo" (I play oboe d'amore in that one) for the first time with only two rehearsals.  The 5/8 was pretty sketch, at least for me, but the way I couldn't find the beat, I feel that other people shared in my dilemma.

We had a lot of majorly successful pieces.  My hat is off to our solo marimbists (is that the correct term?) in the duo marimba concerto.  They rock it so much.  Camp Counselor Mike sounds fantastic on his trombone concerto.  The three Japanese pieces continues to be my absolute favorite.  Glenda and I are really rocking the double English horn part.  We should be called Cool Anglais...  And naturally, the arrangements of traditional American songs perform well and are crowd pleasers.

I'm not too happy with our housing situation right now.  We were told that we would be fed breakfast and supper.  That is if you have a host family.  Right now I am in a hotel, as have many other people.  I am playing the "eat as little as possible to save some money and maybe I'll lose some weight as well" card.  Graduate school did make me gain ten pounds.  Okay, I let myself gain ten pounds, but I'll blame BGSU.  And I would have to lose 25 pounds to be too low on the BMI scale, so I have some wiggle room.  Don't be too concerned...

We are next going to West Virginia.  They just had some major storms.  I'm okay with sleeping in cots, which is what I think we are going to be provided with, which makes sense because the people are living without electricity, gas, and other essential items.  Our director told us that our next town's Kroger and Walmart had to throw out all their refrigerated and frozen foods.  Poor people.  And it is so hot!

We have three more cities after Ravenswood, WV.  I honestly don't know if the tour will continue or be cancelled.  Stay tuned.

Finally, I would like to give a giant shout-out to Southland Baptist Temple for providing housing for all of us between Sunday night and Thursday morning.  They found host families for most people and put the others up at the Comfort Inn on their credit card.  They also took a love offering at the church for the group.  The Boudreaus are going into major debt for this tour.  They are super nice people and want to provide music for different communities, but they aren't collecting enough money for what the entire operation costs.  They've been doing this for 55 years, but times have changed.  Any suggestions about how to raise money for the arts?  Any suggestions on how to raise money for the AWSO?  I think if they would have hired a professional manager, things would be quite a bit better, but it is their choice.

I am very thankful for skype.  I have the pleasure of seeing my boyfriend every few days because of it.  Yay!

Toodles for now.

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