Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Epic story of illegal playing...

What is going on here?  Well, our lovely director said that his "contact" in Pittsburgh did not raise any money (of a supposed $150,000) or advertise for our Pittsburgh concert.  Well, if we wanted any hope of being paid, we had to do as he said (which never ended up happening).

He wanted the chamber groups to go out into the community and play as an advertisement.  Cool, right?!  Well, he told us specifically where to go, which was onto corporate private property, and perform.  He never asked permission from any private property.  I'm sure his mind was thinking, "These people should be honored to have the privilege to have musicians come and perform for them for free."  Well, these companies also have the privilege of hiring people if they WANT to perform.

This picture beautifully illustrates how he took my quintet, drove us to the front of a skyscraper (I can't remember which company it was though), told us to stand right there and play, and that the worst that can happen is that we would be arrested.  Then, he stood right by us and made us play.  I was so nervous about the situation.  He wouldn't go inside and ask permission!  Why couldn't he just had called the companies in advance or scouted out public property sites that would have been legal for us to play on?

Other groups were asked to leave by security guards. It was so uncomfortable.  It makes me angry that we had to play illegally on private property to fulfill our contracts that he did not fulfill.

Well, I will laugh about this in 20 years.

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