Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hi All!

I took a break from blogging for a bit to recuperate after the AWSO.  So, it turns out that we are not being paid.  He sent us all a letter saying that $750 for 5 weeks is enough (even though the contract promised otherwise.)  He says that that is comparable to the previous 55 years (even though other people on the tour have had that falsified by friends who have done this in the past).  Eh....

It turns out we should have left on Thursday instead of finishing out the tour.  I had a feeling his motives was to hold us on by giving us hope of possible payment and then not paying us.  I was correct.  At least I made a ton of great musician friends who I will keep in touch with for a long, long time.

Luke, Glenda, Matt, and Me: The Oboes!

Wen (bassoon)!

Fantastic Four Woodwind Quintet

Justin and his mom came to the final concert in the Pittsburgh area and took me back to their place in Canfield, OH afterwards.  Most people spent their stranded week-and-a-half going to Philly, New York, and Washington DC just for fun.  As great as that sounds, I was happy to go back to Bowling Green.  It worked out for me, because it was Dr. Leclair's last week in BG, so I was able to fit in two lessons.  These focused on excerpts and the Mozart Concerto, which were both needed.

I have also been baking and cooking!  Blackberry cookies, cherry custard, Punjabi eggplant, etc.  Yummy!

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