Monday, June 18, 2012

Traveling: The Beginnings

I am currently in a hotel outside of Nashville, TN.  The week has been CRAZY!!!  Here is a recap:

*I moved completely out of my BG apartment
*I packed to live out of a suitcase for six weeks
*Justin now knows how to shape oboe cane.  w00t!
*I forgot the connecting cord for my camera, so I will not be able to post as many pictures as I would have liked.
*The glasses I have had for four months broke.  Awesome.  Good thing I brought my other broken pair for backup.
*Justin and I attended an amazing concert of authentic Irish music and story-telling in the Cleveland area on Friday evening.
*I had the privilege of meeting the rest of Justin's family on Saturday
*Today, I left from Pittsburgh with 19 other people in three giant vans.
*I am a driver!  (Apologies to Mom and Dad for not telling them that this was the case.)
*Nothing brings strangers together like a road trip :D

Tomorrow we will continue to Columbus, MS and learn more about our unknown adventure.  Hopefully we receive some music along with time to individually practice before the first rehearsal.  The girls in our room were saying they heard we will be possibly performing some chamber works by Poulenc and Mozart.  I am personally hoping to play Villa Lobos.

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