Thursday, June 28, 2012

McGill University!

Hi all!  I have been accepted to McGill University for the Fall!  Why did I apply, you may ask?  My brilliant oboe professor was offered and accepted an oboe professor position there as of late April.  In these years of trying to master my instrument, is important to study with only one person, who is dedicated to my improvement and accomplishments, but is also dedicated to pushing me to excellence as opposed to stuck on "good".

I was not expecting a transfer to ever happen.  I as of now, only have my official status on McGill's books.  I haven't searched for all the other details.  I need to withdraw from BGSU and send me official transcripts to McGill after that happens.  I need to apply for student loans, but I have already filled out the FAFSA.  I will need to apply for a student visa.  A place to live would be nice as well.  Luckily, my professor offered to let me stay at her place for a little bit if I really need before finding an actual place to live.

I suppose I should also find out when orchestral auditions are and when school begins.  Minor details :)

So much to do and I am stuck in Columbus, MS until Saturday morning!  Argh!  Everything will be okay.

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