Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Law Posts on the Arizona Decision

If any of you are following the news, you may know that the Supreme Court struck down 3 of 4 challenged provisions in Arizona v. United States in a 5-3 decision (Kagan recused, but I haven't figured out why exactly), but still have upheld the Arizona law as a whole.

The problem with every single news source, is that it is heavily biased in opinions. If you click on all the links I post, you will agree.  Those who opposed Arizona v. US are the people who say, "My neighbor is an illegal alien and so nice!" or, "We will turn into a police state that will shoot people, starting with Arizona."  Those who support the law say, "These people are illegal and are draining our tax system, which I pay into!"  These are all emotionally loaded statements, and are also kind of true statements, if you agree with the notion of the slippery slope.

Fox News was very upset about how President Obama is not following the court's decision, believing that the Court should have completely found the law unconstitutional.  You can read his comments on the decision here.  He did say, "At the same time, I remain concerned about the practical impact of the remaining provision of the Arizona law that requires local law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of anyone they even suspect to be here illegally."  Does he realize that the Arizona law is based on a Federal law requiring non-citizens to carry their papers with them at all times?  Not to mention that he supports a Federal ID program, requiring all citizens to carry around an ID like in Belgium and France. (And people complain about voter IDs, sheesh.)

I have never formulated an opinion on immigration laws due to being bombarded with both conservative and liberal viewpoints, the latter happening like the Blitzkrieg during my college years.  Even without an opinion, I feel that Arizona is doing what it thinks it needs to do to uphold the laws of the US.  Our President however, is not being consistent with his opinions on policy.  If he wants to track citizens, why not track immigrants as well?  And what will he really do with illegal immigrants if he stops catering to his traditional voter pool and try to find solutions to problems?  More importantly, how can we protect our southern neighbors from their horrible government without hurting our own nation?  Politicians: start thinking outside the box.  The debates over immigration policy have been the same for thirty years.

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