Saturday, June 23, 2012

Giant Concert #1

Hey, hey!  Today started with a 7:30 AM rehearsal.  On a Saturday. Joyous.  It only lasted until 9:30 and we had all afternoon off until our call time of 5 pm.  This was my day after 9:30:

10:20-11:50- Slept
12-1:45- Ate a wonderful Caribbean Shrimp Salad at Chilis
2:00-3:30- Slept
3:30-4:15- packed my big bag
5- back to the boat
7-9 concert!

Playing outside is forcing me to play with a lot more air and sound.  This is a good thing especially for English horn.  We had some absolutely fantastic soloists, including the best percussionist I have ever heard. She is from Japan and is a stunning musician.  The worst part of the concert were the biting bugs after the house lights came on.  I can deal with heat, but bugs drive me insane.

I am glad I had time today to sleep.  Yesterday I was emotionally drained and couldn't hold myself together by the end of it.  Now I have energy again.  It could be residual effects of mono.

I'm a little perturbed about tomorrow (Sunday).  We have to play for church services and even if we wouldn't be playing, we are required to go.  Yes, I have played for Catholic services, but I chose to do those gigs because I had alternative WELS or ELS church services to attend.  None of us were under the impression that we had to play for churches with this summer gig.  A bunch of people are upset because they wanted to sleep in or are atheist, but I just want church choice.

The ship has an art gallery in the basement.  Mr. Boudreau is very much against the Cuban embargo and was able to go to Cuba a few months ago and bring back original work from Cuban artists for his ship.  He wanted to bring the ship to Cuba was not able to pull enough strings to have that done.  He keeps talking of how they are a beautiful people who live more peacefully than Americans.  I don't know what anybody else's opinion of the Cuba situation is, but if we are allowed to travel to China, I think we should be able to go to Cuba.  I don't know the politics of this topic though.

My colleagues are making-fun of my accent.  These are words I am apparently saying strangely: sorry, bag, baggage, Wisconsin.  I know there is more, but I can't think of any right now.  Ta-ta for now!  Drink some sweet tea and think of me :D

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