Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Hey All!

I can't sleep...again...even though I have a great over-the-counter sleeping pill called Sleep Assure. I have 4 concerts in the next three weeks through school, hence the "I can't sleep even though I am medicated" problem. 17 days left of school with students! I can do it!!!


*After much research, I just launched an e-mail campaign for oboe students. J'ADORE my current online oboe students and and cannot wait to teach more young oboists!

*I was called to be an early childhood teacher at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Duluth, MN. I accepted the call. I have gained many experiences at Willow River teaching band and choir, but I am following God's call and trust that he has more musical plans for me in the future for serving him! Soli Deo Gloria!

*Justin and I have "bulked" all winter (aka eat a ton of food and lift heavy weights to gain muscle...and fat...). The day after Easter, we began "cutting" (dieting by balancing our macros, eating fewer calories, lifting, and doing more cardio, to maintain the muscle, but shed the fat). This is showing results, but is emotionally exhausting. It is amazing how the body adjusts to a new diet, but it is so hard to deal with cravings! Those stuffed crust pizza commercials tempt me beyond belief.

*I am planning on doing a "coming-out" recital in Duluth at the end of the summer. Potential repertoire includes a Telemann flute sonata, Berio Sequenza VII (motivation!!), and selections from Silvestrini etudes. I need to find a good balance of repertoire from different periods, but show my contemporary playing chops. There are so many amazing pieces to play! I hope to use this as an audition of sorts for the musical powers that be in Duluth.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Updated Website: New Venture

Hey All!

After doing some soul searching, I really want to refocus my career on oboe. I have edited my website and want to continue forward with teaching online oboe lessons.

Please direct anybody who may ever possibly be interested in oboe lessons for themselves, children, nieces, nephews, parents, etc to my website:

I will be giving a free trial lesson to each interested student. Keep yourselves tuned into this blog for short oboe tutorial videos as well.

If you also have any leads for me, please e-mail me any information you have!

Thanks so much!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oboe/Bassoon Masterclass

Hey All!

On Monday, February 23, 2015, I will be teaching a masterclass to high school oboists and bassoonists at Anoka-Ramsey College during their Dallas Brass band clinic.

I am quite honored to be asked to be the double reed clinician alongside the musicians of the Dallas Brass.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Upcoming Events!

Hey All!

I have not posted in FOREVER. Life has been an absolutely insane whirlwind of work and activities. I have had some good oboe things happen though. I sold 2 oboe reeds and 2 English horn reeds, I have a new Skype oboe student, and I had the opportunity to sub 2nd oboe/English horn for two rehearsals of Carmen for the DSSO. However, I have even more exciting news! I am subbing for the principal oboe position at the DSSO (Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra) for their December 5th concert! Yay! I am very excited.

Here are some of my upcoming events:

November 22, 2014- Mesabi Symphony Orchestra. 7:00 at Chisholm HS
November 22, 2014- Mesabi Symphony Orchestra. 2:30 at Virginia HS
December 5, 2014- Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. 7:00 at DECC in Duluth, MN

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Marching Band

Hey All!

I have spent four days working with the East Central Willow River Marching Band. It has been wonderful meeting and working with some of my new students. They are such fun people! Here is the list of our marching engagements for the rest of the summer. Please come and support the band if you are in the area!

**Saturday, July 26 (Band Director)
East Central Willow River Marching Band Parade
1:00 PM Parade Start
Willow River, MN
**Saturday, August 9 (Band Director)
East Central Willow River Marching Band Parade
10:30 AM Parade Start
Sandstone, MN
**Saturday, August 23 (Band Director)
East Central Willow River Marching Band Parade
10:00 AM Parade Start
Askov, MN
**Wednesday, August 27 (Band Director)
East Central Willow River Marching Band Parade
Time TBD
Minnesota State Fair

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Oboe Photos!

Hey All!

My website was sorely in need of updated oboe photos. As great as my other photos were, I don't really look like the girl in the pictures anymore! All these new photos are done by my husband Justin on his iPhone 5s. The first three are serious and the last two are just silly. What else were we going to do with a construction crane?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weight Swap? Soon to announce cool stuff as well.

Hey All!

It has been a while. I have thought about you random readers every day for the past month. I have a post that I will happily publish on July 9th to (hopefully) share some great news!

Otherwise, what has this oboe been up to?

Weight swap!

I started working with a personal trainer (from here-on-out, will be known as Greg) to help me make some body goals I have had since the onset of puberty. What are these goals?

1. Rid myself of the love handles. I don't love them, so they have to go.
2. Thighs, thighs, thighs.

I have been running, biking, doing other exercise stuff for years. I only find myself "skinny enough", but actually haven't accomplished these goals for real, when I am super hungry all the time and drop down to 125 lbs or less. I'm 5'7". I don't like being hungry.

In training, I learned that if I'm below 130 lbs, I am too light for **my body type**. I learned that fat burns much faster from weight lifting than cardio exercise. I learned that I am meant to be between 135-140 lbs when in great shape.

My new goal that began in April was to lose 13 lbs of body fat and REPLACE it with 13 lbs of muscle.

Thanks to Greg, I have a training session with him once a week, and then he created three other weight-lifting workouts that I need to complete before coming in the next week.

Workout 1- Chest and Back
Workout 2- Arms and Shoulders
Workout 3- Legs and Core

I am beginning month 4 of personal training. I signed a contract for 1 year of personal training. What am I noticing?

My arms are getting STRONG. My tummy and thighs are slowly, but surely losing the fat. I can see muscles underneath my frosting!

I feel much more confident about my body now that I'm training. I like feeling strong. It is empowering to be able to do pull-ups, faster and longer running sessions, funky sit-ups, and free weights! I feel more beautiful because, even if I never make the elusive goal of looking like a swim-suit model, I know that I am working hard to help my body become more healthy and strong. It'll help me with bearing children sometime in the future, which will also help me bear healthier children because I am in shape. It helps with my oboe playing. It will help with blood pressure, cholesterol levels, resting heart rate, and basic stress management. If I need to, I'll be strong enough to lift a car (with adrenaline help) off children.

Someday, maybe I'll post my underwear shots that I take each month to track my improvement. Right now, it's not so obvious to me, but Justin notices a big difference.

Oh! July goal: NO ALCOHOL. This will hopefully help cut some of my %body fat for Florida come August.

In oboe world, I have some gigs coming up. Check out my website for more details.

July 5- Duets with Clarinetist Patty Smith at Marketplace Foods in Rice Lake, WI.
July 22-25- WELS Worship Conference in Kenosha, WI.
August 3- Orchestra Concert in Brainerd, MN at 3 pm.
August 11- Oboe Recital at a nursing home in Pine City, MN at 1 pm.